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Channel Letters

  Dimensional Letters or shapes consisting of a hollow body made of metal or plastic, usually for the installation of neon or L.E.D. lights.

  This is usually covered with a face, that is of a trans-lucent plastic and framed with Jewelite, or formed with an edge in one piece.

  With neon, a power source (transformer or a ballast) is necessary. The power source connects to PK housings, and electrodes, which carry the current throughout the tubes themselves, lighting the neon, or argon gasses.

  The two methods of mounting the letters to a structure are into the wall itself or on a “raceway”.

  The raceway, a box that protects the connections and wiring is mounted to the structure.

  The PK housings are placed into the letters.

  The letters are then attached to the raceway.

  Mounting the Letters to the Structure without a raceway is done drilling through the structure itself to insert the pk housings, and the wiring and connections are installed inside the structure, or a interior chamber, possibly in the roof.

With L.E.D. lighting, no special wiring or power supply is needed, as this system runs off a typical 110 volt line.




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