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Realty Signage

In Realty, the standard sign is the 18” by 24” sign blank.

This is the main focus for your business, at the site of your sale. This works well with logos and other artwork.

Supplemental information is provided by “riders”. These additional signs are usually 6” by 24” and “ride above and/or below the main sign. Such information as phone number, agent’s name, and is a good way to extol virtues of a property, for example; Two bedrooms, Local electric, For Rent, etc;

This is not to limit the business to the standard.

Signs are nothing if not a way to exemplify your personality, and creativity can be your best salesperson.

 Sites for upcoming developments are best for large Billboard-type signage, be it a 4’ by 8’ or put on a much larger scale, prospective customers would gain much information from this type of sign.




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